How do I know if my website has been penalised?

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One of the very frustrating things with having a website is knowing whether or not your website has been penalised. If it has been penalised, then you will lose your search visibility, leads and web traffic.

For business owners, it is very important to know the status of your website to ensure that the site hasn’t been penalised. And if it has been penalised, you will need to take action to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Below, there are a few ways to see if your website has been penalised.

    • Webmaster tools messages
    • If you have received a penalty (such as a links penalty or a content penalty), Google may send you notifications to your Google Webmaster tools account.
    • Website traffic has decreased.
    • Website rankings have decreased or lost visibility.

If you do notice any of these occurring with your site, we advise that you take action immediately to review the site for any issues so your website’s visibility can be restored as quickly as possible.

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