SAAS Link Building

Link building in an SEO campaign is important once all of the other important factors are implemented. To get the link building phase to work successfully, which means getting links from relevant web pages that will link back to your site and drive authority (PageRank) and traffic is essential.

There are several web vendors that will pitch that they can get links for cheap and in volume. If you plan to build a seriously thriving SAAS business, your website needs to be associated only with those links that will drive the authority and create the relevancy needed to scale your SAAS business.

SAAS link building is a speciality and needs to incorporate a business strategy that will be a blend between PR (public relations) in the digital space, outreach, and content contributions in the form of guest posting, interviews, and more.

What do SAAS businesses need with a SAAS link building solution?

Link audit to assess the current state of the website and what is needed to help the website’s pages rank on search engines for their desired keywords.

  • Pitch angles
  • Content assets such as blogs, articles, videos, images, audio, transcriptions, and more
  • Points of contacts (Stakeholders) that can be used to demonstrate the expertise of the business.

What kind of budget is required to successfully execute a SAAS link building campaign?

Budgets usually fall between $3000-10000 per month depending on the types and volume of links that need to be acquired.