SAAS SEO agency

Are you looking to partner with an SEO agency that can help scale your SAAS business? The team at Business Growth Digital Marketing can help you.

Our team has worked on the following types of SAAS products.

  • Startup SAAS businesses
  • Enterprises SAAS businesses

We understand the things that are involved with developing SAAS businesses, including the investment required, key stakeholders that need to be satisfied, growth metrics, and the need to drive sales qualified leads (SQLs) that can be provided to your teams SDRs.

We know that the more sales demos that you can receive through the inbound marketing channel using SEO, the more likely your sales development representatives will have the confidence to close more SAAS deals with prospective customers.

How does our SAAS SEO service work?

Order a SAAS SEO audit & strategy for your niche.

Once you place your order with us, our team will conduct research to assess what is required to get your SAAS business ranking successfully on Google and the likelihood to generate qualified traffic and demos for your SAAS business.

Our team will develop an SEO strategy and roadmap that will detail the actionable steps that’s required to generate qualified sales leads and demos for your SAAS business.

After you receive the audit, the actionable steps will require work in the following areas.

  • Web development and technical SEO for your SAAS products.
  • Content marketing for your SAAS product.
  • Content optimization for your SAAS sales web pages.
  • Internal linking
  • Link building and strategic outreach (digital PR) for your SAAS product.
  • UX (User experience) and conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • Ongoing analysis and optimizations

How much will SAAS SEO cost?

Level 1

$2000 per month

Level 2

$3500 per month

Level 3

$5000 per month

Interested in starting a SAAS SEO campaign?

Get in touch to order an audit and our team will customize an SEO strategic roadmap for your SAAS business.