GA4 training course



Google has transitioned its analytics tracking software from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4, which is a suite that allows users to collect, segment, and understand more data to make their marketing performance improve. There are challenges with understanding how to successfully setup Google Analytics 4, and how to manage and understand the data that it is providing.

Businesses need to know exactly what is going on within their business quickly, concisely, and precisely.

To get up to speed, you need to have Google Analyics 4 setup correctly, and your team must be trained to understand how to unlock the opportunities that the data presents.

What will you learn in the GA4 analytics course?

In this Google Analytics 4 Course, you will learn:

  • How to properly plan your analytics setup
  • How to decide what is important to track and how to pick correct metrics (KPis)
  • How to configure your Google Analytics 4
  • How to build reports based on your business goals
  • How to analyze the data and how to get value out of it

What should you expect to cover in the GA4 Analytics course?

Introducing GA4
  • Analytics fundamentals and framework
  • Data collection and the GA4 data model
  • Reporting fundamentals: using dimensions and metrics
  • Defining the key metrics in GA4
  • Objective-setting and constructing an analytics measurement plan
Reporting Fundamentals
  • Navigating the GA4 user interface
  • Reports workspace functionality and using comparisons
Using the Pre-configured Reports
  • Acquisition reporting fundamentals
  • How to tag marketing campaigns in GA4
  • Engagement reporting fundamentals
  • Analyzing page and event performance
  • Monetisation reporting fundamentals
  • Demographic and tech reporting fundamentals
  • Key dimension recap
Introduction to Custom Reporting Using the Explore Workspace
  • Using the free-form technique to construct custom tables
  • Funnel Exploration fundamentals
  • Hands-on Explore exercises