Ego bait link building tactics

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Hi fellow SEOs and link builders.

In this post, I thought I’d share some more specific tactics in regards to Ego bait link building.

As with any link building tactic, you want to validate that the prospect is likely to share and link back to the content that you will feature them in.

This tactic is a reciprocal tactic, whereby you are exchanging a mention or feature for a link.


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Press and media feature

You want to find site owners in your industry that have pages where they showcase any press or media features that mentions them.

Source prospects for a quote

Find prospects that like to share media features when they are cited for a quote. You can target industry experts, influencers, curators, etc. [3,4]


Find prospects that like to participate in and share roundups.

Reverse guest post

Invite prospects to provide a guest post on your own website. Check their history to see if they share their web interviews on their site or other sites in their network.

Onsite interviews

Invite prospects to participate in web interviews. Check their history to see if they share their web interviews on their site or other sites in their network.

Reference links

Find prospects that are known to reciprocate links if you have shared their work online. This tactic can work well for book publishers, and photographers.


You can reach out to prospects that are known to link out to sites that feature them for awards.

Use the following search operator to find these prospects. [4]


I had this tactic used when people conducted training for a food health and safety course and they were required to add the accreditation badge as proof of being an affiliated trainer.

This resulted in several backlinks to our site, of which many were relevant home page and sitewide links. [1]

Inclusions in data and survey studies

You can reach out to prospects that are known for sharing data and statistics. You can include their insights in your web publication, which will increase the chances of securing a link from their site. [2]

Include people in your ebook.

Publish an ebook and ask prospects if they would like to be included or featured in the ebook. Once published, share the ebook with them and their audience. Also, feature or showcase their ebook feature on your web platforms.


I like to use a two-step approach.

I will identify the prospects and I will then send them an initial email introducing myself and notifying them being shortlisted for an award feature.

I would then wait to hear back from them to see if I receive a response that is positive and if they are likely to share the feature once it is live.

If they say yes, I will add them to a file where I will send a follow-up email with their feature.

If they say no or there is no response, I will exclude them and replace them with another viable prospect.

Do you have any experience using ego bait link building tactics?

Share your success or insights below.

Thanks for reading.


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[3] Link bait or ego bait: what is the best link building strategy?

[4] 9 Real World Examples of Advanced Link Building Tactics

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