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In order for the BGDM team to improve your site’s SEO performance, we need to conduct an SEO audit that will identify and isolate the issues that need to be addressed so that we can build a successful SEO campaign. Our team will run your website through a series of checks and will provide you with an action plan to start improving your website’s SEO performance.

Our SEO team will conduct the following in the SEO diagnostic check.

  • Website scan
  • File analysis
  • Site security check
  • Organic traffic analysis
  • Organic search competition
  • Organic search impression share
  • Organic search CTR
  • HTML rendering analysis
  • Google Search Console analysis
  • Page loading analysis
  • Content analysis
  • Link analysis

Based on the outcome of the report, we will recommend an SEO action plan that will suit your business’s budget, resources, scalability and objectives.

SEO clean-up/Fixes

Our team can implement the fixes outlined in the SEO diagnostic report.

SEO revival

If we find that your website has suffered from an SEO penalty or traffic loss, we will work on removing the issues. Once we confirm that the issues have been removed, we will migrate your website’s SEO campaign to a relevant SEO package.

SEO for startups

We can provide an SEO strategy that’s customised for businesses that’s in start-up mode.

SEO for E-commerce

We can provide SEO specifically for sites run on  Shopify or WordPress’s WooCommerce platforms.


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