Technical SEO Management


If you want to improve your website’s SEO performance, you need to make sure that the technical setup for website will help and not hinder your site’s SEO efforts.

Why should you invest in technical SEO services?

Technical SEO improvements can create some quick SEO wins on a website.

Sometimes, simple technical changes can have a profound effect on a site’s SEO web traffic and revenue.

Without identifying the underlying issues that may be preventing your website from ranking, it will be difficult to get the desired SEO improvements for your website.

From our experience, some of the quick wins could relate to:

  • Page speed optimization
  • HTML mark-up on a web page
  • Navigation structure of a website
  • Crawling pattern of search engine robots
  • Indexing settings of web pages
  • Naming conventions of web files
  • Hosting solutions

These are just a couple of underlying issues that could go overlooked.

What do you need with a technical SEO service?

Technical SEO diagnostic check

This is a health check of the website’s technical setup to find and identify any issues that could be preventing the site performing well in SEO.

Recommendations actions will be provided to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

Ongoing technical SEO maintenance

To improve the SEO performance over time, the technical SEO on the site has to be maintained.

This means keeping an eye out for any technical issues that may get flagged in the Google Search Console, tracking the server logs, tracking broken links, page loading performance, the website’s coding and more.

This will also cover any historical issues, or future planning to boost the technical SEO performance.

Technical SEO consultancy

Site owner spends $20,000 to repair the technical SEO of a poorly built site.

In the past, we’ve seen businesses invest $20,000 or more into developing their website without consulting technical SEO specialists beforehand.

Once it was time for the SEO review, the SEO specialists realized that there were severe development issues with the website.

Instead of the site being built with clean HTML and a simple navigational structure, the site was developed in a way where search engines and users would easily get confused, which would make it impossible to rank the site.

Additionally, due to the way the site was developed, any technical changes would easily break the site and ongoing maintenance would be costly.

In the end, the business had to rebuild their website with an additional outlay of $20,000 for website development.

This cost could have been avoided if the business had consulted a technical SEO specialist.

Who is the technical SEO service for?

Website owners that need web development services.

There are website owners that need technical SEO services, but don’t have the skills to identify or implement the recommendations.

Website developers that need SEO guidance.

Not all website developers know the SEO guidelines or framework that they need to work within. By partnering with a technical SEO specialist, you will be able to have the website developer’s work validated for SEO.

Web designers that need SEO guidance.

Not all website designers know the SEO guidelines or framework that they need to work within. By partnering with a technical SEO specialist, you will be able to have the website designer’s work validated for SEO.

Content publishers that need technical SEO guidance.

Content publishers can make simple mistakes that can cost the site its SEO visibility.

A technical SEO can aid with providing technical guidelines, framework, or processes that will allow content publishers to confidently publish content that will be SEO-friendly.

When should I apply technical SEO expertise?

Technical SEO should be applied during the following phases for a website.

  • Pre-launch
  • Site maintenance
  • Ongoing site developments

What kind of results can you expect from technical SEO?

Pure House Cleaning

Pure House Cleaning improved their page loading speed to less than 1 second.

As a result.

YOY traffic and conversions are up by over 50%.

Niche affiliate site

Identifying slow loading due performance issues with the web hosting partner was costing the niche site traffic and sales from affiliate referrals.

Switching to a better web host triggered a 30% month on month increase in affiliate sales commissions.

What guarantees can you receive from technical SEO?

The right technical SEO solutions will reduce your long-term website development costs, advertising and promotional costs, and loss in conversions and sales.

You will also find that the user experience of the site will improve, as well as the navigation experience with search engines.

Are you ready to invest in technical SEO?

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