SEO Writing Course


Is your website’s text content good enough to get crawled and indexed by search engines? If it is being found, is it even good enough to rank on search engines like Google or Bing? And if not, do you know why the content isn’t performing?

It may be time for your business to invest in a SEO writing course.

Text content is important in SEO. Search engines use the text on the page to determine the relevancy and how content on a web page should be served to users on search engines. Understanding the different types of content that’s available and what is required to improve the quality of the content so that users will engage and share the content across the web is crucial.

What does the SEO writing course cover?

The SEO writing course covers a few things.

  • Product descriptions
  • Meta titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • Image optimizations
  • Blog content
  • Shareable content
  • Sales and persuasive writing

Why is this important to invest in?

You website needs to get found online. And then when people find your content, they need to engage and take the desired action, whether that is becoming a lead or engaging in a sale.

When the right type of content is developed, it becomes an asset and it will continue to generate web traffic and sales over time.

This course is ideal for agency owners that want to train their team, internal company teams that want to train their staff in these skills, or training stakeholders to understand the importance of implementing a content strategy in their business.

What kind of return on investment can you expect?

Successfully implementing the right content writing strategy and executing it well can easily generate 10X the ROI. In our experience, we have seen single pieces of content that have been developed using our system return over 100X within a calendar year.

Buy the online course and start learning now.

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