Image Optimization (Image SEO)



Google and search engines look at the assets on a web page to determine the relevancy and what items should rank for which keywords.

Optimizing images is often overlooked and can give your web pages the edge to rank well on Google.

Invest in optimizing your images one time and let it rank well. (Set and forget!)

We offer this service on a per image basis.

We will:

  • Optimize the keyword relevancy for your images.
  • Optimize the file size and type to improve the loading speed of your images.
  • Add any additional contextual items such as descriptions, captions, or hyperlinks to increase the value of the image for SEO.

We recommend that you identify the key product display pages (PDPs), category or collections pages, blog posts, or other important web pages such as the home page to optimize.

We also recommend that prior to investing in these, that you invest in high-quality images that will engage people with your website.