B2B Lead Generation for SAAS



Would you like to receive a guaranteed amount of sales-qualified leads every month for your sales team? Consider working with a team that can deliver sales demo leads to your SAAS business every month.

Your business is probably spending anywhere from $5000-10,000 a month or more on a team to prospect and call opportunities, which is making your SAAS lead generation and conversions inefficient and expensive.

By working with BGDM, you can have your sales team simply focus on attending meetings with warm sales leads, so they can focus on informing the prospective customer and closing the sale.

Our team uses a combination of lead-generation strategies to secure appointments and demos for SAAS businesses, such as outbound lead generation for SAAS. Our goal is to provide a minimum of 6 sales-qualified leads for your B2B SAAS business each month.

The SAAS software in your business should be generating in excess of $2 million per year, and your business will ideally be in the growth phase.