Blog writing

Would you like to have more active visitors to your blog?

How would you feel if your blog could generate upwards of 100,000 visitors per month?

How would you feel if people started going to and referencing your blog because they see you as an expert and an authority on your topic? Achieving this with your blog is very realistic if you are serious about breathing new life into your blog. The success of your blog always starts with the value of your blog’s content. Without strong content, your blog will fail before you even begin.

The benefit of developing a blog will allow you to:

  1. Generate organic search traffic to your website. This means you will be receiving visitors to your blog content for free that you would be paying for if you were doing advertising such as paid search (Adwords)
  2. Provide you with a platform to educate and inform prospects with your voice. This will enhance your perceived trust and credibility with your blog’s readers.
  3. Open the door for new media opportunities, such as appearances on television, magazines or newspapers. A blog can unlock the door to free PR online and offline, essentially saving your business thousands in promotional costs.
  4. Help streamline the sales process for your business. The content will promote the credibility of the brand and inform the prospect, thus speeding up the sales cycle so that when they speak to your representative, they are ready to buy what you offer.
  5. Develop your business’s online brand presence by gaining exposure on other websites, blogs and search keywords.

90% of blogs fail because of 3 things.

The first is the lack in strategy when it comes to the blog’s content development. The second is that the quality of the content that is being produced isn’t up to the standard required to engage visitors on the blog. The third is that people do not take the time to optimise their blog for their visitors to engage with the content. If you change this focus in your current blog strategy, you should start to see an improvement in results over the next 30 days.

What do you need to do with your blog’s content to succeed?

You blog needs to deliver valuable content to your targeted audience. People are always craving to learn more or to absorb information. Your blog needs to communicate this information in a way where it is valuable to your blog’s readers and that will encourage them to engage in discussions and to share the content across the web. To succeed, you need to know and understand the niche (and micro-niche audiences) that your blog will be communicating to. Secondly, you need to develop content that is valuable in the sense that they can take-away learnings or experiences from your content. For example, if you own a lawn mowing business, you can provide guides on how to develop an attractive lawn similar to that of royal gardens. You could also provide pruning tips and discuss equipment that could help your reader improve their gardening maintenance. Should your content be successful, your blog will also start to turn into a forum where visitors will engage in discussion.

Take action!

If you want to drastically improve the performance of your blog, you need to develop the type of content that will keep your audience engaged. You can get in touch with our team of specialists who can help you improve your blog’s performance. Contact the team on 1800 775 903 today!