Copywriting services that converts!

The right copywriting service provider can double or even triple your business revenues simply by crafting web content that will get more exposure, attract more traffic, convert more leads, and generate more sales.

You want to invest in web content that will pay for itself time and time and time again. 

The team from Business Growth Digital Marketing only focuses on creating this type of content.

We call it “Content with a purpose!”

Ultimately, the content that we create and publish on your behalf must add value to your business’s profitability. We do this in a few ways.

Create sales-focused content that converts.

The sales-focused content that we create informs, educates, persuades, and motivates the reader to take action to convert into a customer.

We know how to demonstrate the value of a product or service that your business is selling. We also know how to communicate it so that the reader will be motivated to enquire as a lead or to convert as a customer, so that your business gets more “MONEY IN THE BANK!”

Our “Art of the deal” approach is what makes this successful.

As long as your product or service has already been validated in the market, we can craft the content so that browsers will turn into customers.

You aren’t paying to fill your site or web pages with random content.

You are INVESTING in an income-generator on your website. 

The best thing about sales-focused content is that once it starts to generate an income for your business, it will continue to earn an income forever! And all for a one-time only investment.

Imagine if you knew that you would get 10 new customers for every person that visited your sales web page?

Imagine if you knew that each visitor to that web page could earn your business an extra $1000 or more per year.

  • This type of content is an income-generating asset.
  • Expect to get a return on your investment and more.
  • Better than investing in shares, property, or even Bitcoin!

Create content that informs and positions your business as an expert, authority, or thought-leader.

This is the money-maker that ironically money cannot buy.

Imagine if you could gain the trust and build advocacy for your business that will allow your business to be recognized as the “go to expert” in your industry?

  • Imagine how much easier it would be to get customers?
  • Imagine how much easier it would be to earn promotions?
  • Imagine how much more referral business your business could get?

Apple is one of the biggest brands in the world and has used this strategy for decades. However, this copywriting style isn’t limited to organizations that have massive multimillion dollar budgets.

If your business sets an objective become a leader in your industry, publishing authoritative content is the tactic that will position your business as an expert.

It all starts with written copy. It can then be expanded into other content formats such as audio and video.

This type of content will appear as articles or blogs on your own website.

The content can then be leveraged to improve your business’s PR, link building, and promotional efforts.

Create content that will improve the online visibility and reach of your business.

The more reach your web business has, the more likely your business is to attract more customers.

You want to attract a portfolio of browsers to funnel into your business’s content, so you can demonstrate the value that they are searching for, which will allow you to build trust, gain more exposure, and eventually win them over as customers.

To accomplish this, the content needs to be customized to the intent of the customer.

How much time do you need to start seeing the impact from our copywriting service?

It depends on the type of marketing tactic that you are using.

For content that is promoted with paid media, insights would start to show within 7-14 days.

For SEO, it depends on the industry competition. But 3-6 months would be the minimum timeframe to see the results.

How lucrative can this be?

It depends on your industry, but it’s not uncommon for businesses to have their web pages generate $10,000-$100,000 a month in revenue.

Additionally, sites with content that convert commonly get sold for millions of dollars as the site attracts traffic and converts, and thus becomes an atractive investment to other web businesses.

Grab your customers’ attention with compelling content that improves your site’s rankings and captivates your customers.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you.