6 tips for improving your PPC campaigns

Tips for developing ppc campaigns to increase your leads and sales.

If you are a business who is doing paid search activity on Google Adwords, Yahoo, Bing, or across other platforms, you will know that one of the major frustrations with managing these campaigns is getting wasted clicks that eat into your advertising budget.

I want to give you some tips that you can use to pre-qualify the people who are searching for what you have on offer.

Target niche specific keywords for your market

Most companies will use the strategy where they target broadly to find out the keywords that people are using to find your site. The catch is that to get the data for these keywords, it is costing you money everytime the user clicks on your advertisement.

Create ad copy that is aimed at qualifying the prospect for the lead or sale conversion.

Create the ad copy with your audience in mind. Focus on your industry niche, the needs and motives of your target market. Create a strong offer that will compel them to become a qualified lead and take the action that you desire.

Bid on relevant keywords

Ensure that you bid on the most relevant revenue generating keywords for your campaign. If the keywords aren’t converting, you should reconsider having them in your campaign. You can do this by adjusting the match type and adding relevant keywords.

Improve your quality score

By improving your quality score, Google will reward your campaign with cheaper clicks and a better ad position.

Optimise your landing page

Optimise your landing page for search relevancy to improve the quality score to reduce the cost of your clicks. Furthermore, develop your landing page copy to allow people to convert strongly on your web content.

Make use of retargeting strategy for following up on lost leads

Use retargeting in your campaigns to gain more leads by following up on those leads who showed initial interest and convert them into paying customers.

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