How to get links from universities, colleges and schools in the next 30 days.

University link opportunities

For anybody that does link building, they want to build a portfolio of authoritative links. Getting a link on a university site is a big deal in because these sites tend to carry so much authority. If you do a quick browse of universities in your area, you will probably find that most of them have an average domain authority of 50 to 90.

Many black hat SEOs would hack or pay students to place their link within the system. I want you to earn a free link by promoting your content’s value.

Here are six ways you can get links from universities.

Contribute a guest post.

One of the easiest ways to get a link on a university site is to contribute a guest post. Most schools maintain a blog or news portal to educate their students. By contributing a post, you can attribute a link back to your website’s content in the post that you provide or in an author biography.

Another benefit is that you can become a regular guest contributor. This will allow you to earn more authoritative links to your site over the long-term.

You can look for these opportunities by using the following search queries.

“contributor” + university

“contributor” + college

“author” + university

To make the query more specific, you can also add + city or +area. For example, + New York

Share a valuable resource with a relevant department.

There are also several schools that are actively seeking valuable sources of information that they can share on their website.

You can use the following search queries to find these opportunities.

“Useful links” + university

“Resources” + university

“Useful links” + college

“Resources” + college

Once you have a list, you will need to find the contact details of the relevant department. Sometimes, they will provide the contact details on the page.

Before applying this tactic, it’s important that your site offers a valuable resource. This might include:

  • A guide
  • Data
  • Statistics
  • Infographic

If you pitch your site without offering valuable content, it’s likely that your site will get rejected.

In the example below, you can see the successful pitch and placement of a link on the Kent University useful links page.

Share a valuable resource with their student unions.

This tactic is similar to the one provided above, however the type of content that’s needed to reach out to student unions differs.

You can find the student union contact details on the university sites and provide share content that will appeal to student’s lifestyle. For example:

  • Cultural events
  • Career days
  • Jobs while at university.
  • Sports activities.

Host a speaking engagement at the school.

Another way to earn a link to your business is to host a speaking engagement. This might involve requesting an invitation to a school event and talking to students about career opportunities and career progression.

This exposure is likely to get the speaker and the business featured in university publications and also a link on the university’s website.

Provide benefits for their alumni.

If you or members of your organisation are graduates of the school, then get in touch to see if you can contribute to any alumni programs that the school offers. Schools want to help their graduates as much as possible in their careers.

Graduates of the school’s alumni program usually receive perks such as discounts and bonuses from organisations.

Provide an offering for members of the school’s alumni such as discounts or bonuses that they can claim. In return, you can earn a featured profile and link on the university’s website.

For example, here is an example of business’s that feature on Griffith University’s alumni web page. The domain authority on the site is 78.

Share a success story of a former student.

Universities love to share the success stories of students that have gone onto a successful career at a company. It proves that the education that they earned from the university helped them secure a job.

You will need to share the former student’s story with the university. You can do this by contacting the administration team via email or by phone and asking how to submit the student’s success story with the business.

Promote job or internship opportunities with the relevant faculty.

Students are looking for ways to find jobs and career opportunities. The schools want to help their students find these opportunities as quickly as possible so they will be successful at getting a job after graduating.

To achieve this, setup a careers page on your website similar to the one on this site.

Once this has been done, create a list of schools, colleges and universities that have the relevant faculties and career departments and contact them to let them know about the career opportunities with your business.

Offer recognition in the form of awards or scholarships.

Schools and their students love to be recognised for their work and contribution to education. Businesses can leverage this by providing awards or scholarships to recognise the efforts of individuals, teams or faculties.

Businesses can setup an award or scholarship nomination page on their website.

Once this has been published, share the page with relevant schools, universities and colleges so they can share it with their students and faculties.

The link should get shared on their website, thus earning you a link back to your site.

It is possible to get links from schools, colleges and universities by using these clever white-hat outreach tactics provided above. Many people go about it the wrong way by not offering value to the schools and then expecting them reward them with a link.

By understanding the needs of the students and school’s faculties, you will be able to execute a targeted campaign that will allow your site to earn authoritative links from educational sites.

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