Do links from LinkedIn help website’s SEO rankings?

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This is an interesting one.

Usually, SEO specialists wouldn’t say that links from LinkedIn have a significant impact on a website’s SEO rankings. When it comes to ranking from social media signals, there are mixed feelings about their influence on SEO rankings. In this post, I want to share my experience with acquiring links and shares from LinkedIn and the impact that I’ve seen it have on some of my content’s SEO rankings.

Typically whenever I have new content on this site, I will share it on LinkedIn on both my personal and business profiles, as well as in relevant groups where I feel that the audience will benefit from the insights of my post.

The content typically gets likes and shares, which gives it more exposure and then I receive web traffic, which I can see in Google Analytics.

LinkedIn referral traffic
LinkedIn referral traffic

What I have found surprising is that the content starts to gain traction in rankings.

What do we know about links from LinkedIn?

There’s alot of speculation that the links from LinkedIn don’t pass any Page Rank due to having a nofollow attribute. There’s an interesting Quora discussion that talks about whether links from LinkedIn are nofollowed or dofollowed and in the discussion, the person highlights that the links from LinkedIn are redirected and automatically have nofollow attribute.

Redirect link from LinkedIn Groups
Redirect link from LinkedIn Groups

However, another user from a different Quora thread about links from LinkedIn mentioned that some of the LinkedIn Groups that ask people to join have the dofollow attribute on their links. (See an example here)

Direct link from LinkedIn with the Dofollow attribute
Direct link from LinkedIn with the Dofollow attribute

Another interesting factor is that most backlink checker tools won’t be able to find the links from LinkedIn or they aren’t counted.

I cannot say conclusively why I have seen a positive impact on search results from some of the content that I have shared. But I have seen it work on different campaigns that I have run recently and in the past.

For example, back in 2012 I wrote an article about Advertorial Links and whether they were good or bad for SEO? The article was promoted heavily on LinkedIn by sharing the article in direct emails on LinkedIn, SEO groups and the public profile of the company and employees. At the time, the post received approximately 100 signals and within one month, the content was ranking on the first page of Google for the keyword ‘Advertorial links’.

What can we learn from this?

As I mentioned before, I cannot say conclusively why links from the platform have benefited the rankings of some of the content. For websites that operate in a non-competitive niche, it could be a quick way to gain some traction in the search engine ranking positions.

You can also watch the following video on the topic.

Have you ever experienced any positive SEO impacts by sharing your website’s links on LinkedIn? We’d love to hear your comments below. Thanks for reading!
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8 thoughts on “Do links from LinkedIn help website’s SEO rankings?”

  1. Hi David,

    how about the company’s profile page itself on LinkedIn? Does the link and description will have an influence on google rank? How google see this – as a link or a social signal/mention?

    1. Hi Pawel. Thanks for your message.
      I checked the link from my company page and it has a redirect and nofollow attribute, so technically it doesn’t pass any Page Rank and thus shouldn’t count as a link or social signal from what I can see in the code. But some others have also claimed that the code on the site gives them a direct link and also helps as a direct signal.
      I cannot give you a conclusive answer, but most of the links that I’ve seen technically have the SEO benefit stripped out from what the HTML code shows.

  2. I’m not sure if the links pass page rank or not, and honestly I’d really like to know. However, the traffic it sends and resulting tweets and Facebook shares are worth enough that I simply do not care. Its one of my main traffic strategies.

    1. Hi Brad. Thanks for sharing your thought. I do agree with what you’ve said. It can provide good quality traffic, which is what we are also after at the end of the day. Even if there isn’t a direct value with the link attribution, it can provide value in another way. 🙂

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