Link Building

Do you need high quality links that will catapult your SEO rankings to page 1?

Get ‘Google Friendly’ natural links built to your website that will catapult you past your competition.

There are only ten spots available on the first page of Google. Links can make 80% of the impact for making your website appear on the first page of Google. SEO specialists have known this for a long time and have been able to generate first page rankings for their clients. The trouble is, many SEOs out there have used methods that have seen those same clients lose the valuable rankings that they acquired, due to breaking the link building rules set by Google.

Are the links that are being built to your website delivering you a permanent solution?

There are right ways and wrong ways of building links to your website.The right way is to build links that are natural and that will help to build the SEO performance of your website over the long-term. Great indicators of the success from your natural link building acquisition is:

  • Improvement in referral traffic that is coming to the website.
  • Improvement in your website’s authority metrics, such as Domain Authority, Page Authority, Trust Flow and Citation Flow.
  • Improvements in SEO rankings across your website’s keyword portfolio.

How can a website get natural high quality links?

Google’s Matt Cutts has constantly said that websites should aim to get links by providing web users with great quality content. The way Google expects to organise the web is by looking at the links people are referencing and bookmarking on their websites, because they feel like the content that they are linking to offers them value. If the content is good for that user, it is probably good for other users that are interested in that content as well. As a result, Google wants to serve that content to web users because their are signs (through the links that are being built and the relevancy of the content) to indicate that the content will provide value to other web users.

  • Media features on authority blogs, web magazines and web newspapers.
  • Citations and references on authoritative, commercial or personal websites.
  • Authoritative guest blog posts.
  • Informative guest blog posts.
  • Web discussion engagements on web forums and blogs.
  • Web interviews.
  • Web collaborations.
  • Web competitions.
  • References from educational institutions.
  • References on review websites.
  • Submission to content aggregators

The links that are being built to your site shouldn’t just be helping to improve your SEO rankings, they should also be helping to improve your website’s traffic. By engaging in natural link building, you will successfully accomplish both and generate leads, sales and increased expertise in your field.

Have you done a ‘health check’ on your links to see if they are working for you?

Many website owners don’t understand how their website’s links are working for them. If your website isn’t receiving links that are seen as an authority or relevant, then they won’t be adding value to your website and will do little to improve your SEO ranking performance. Furthermore, if your links aren’t developed in a natural way, you may be building a ticking time bomb which may lead your website to become penalised by Google’s Penguin algorithm.

What type of link building does your website need to guarantee page 1 rankings?

Google ranks web pages and websites based on authority and relevance. Essentially, you need to build a portfolio of links that will enhance the authority of your entire website. When your website becomes deemed as an authority, it makes it much easier to rank on the first page for a wide set of keywords. The success of your natural link building activities will depend on the success of your website’s content. If you have high quality content, you can expect to acquire high quality links. The type of links that’s required to guarantee you success will vary depending on the industry niche and location that you are targeting. A portfolio of the following types of links will usually allow a website to rank on the first page of Google.

All links for your website should be Google Friendly, if you want to avoid any Google Penguin penalties.

Many have gamed Google and suffer over the long-term because their link building activities were against Google’s terms of service. Google penalises websites that have unnatural links. If you are building unnatural links, you are playing with fire.Websites are known to use tactics such as leveraging private blog networks (PBNs), paid posting services and advertorials. These tactics have been proven to work, however, these link building methods are against Google’s terms of service and if your website is caught out, you will receive a penalty that may see your rankings removed from the first page of Google or removed from Google all together.

Google says links to your website should be natural. The same or better result can be achieved with natural link building activities that will continually acquire links for your website for the duration that your website is on the web. The links to your website should increase exponentially, meaning that your ranking and traffic results should also see the same pattern of success.

The quicker you implement a natural link building strategy, the sooner you will start to see your website’s SEO success.

If you would like to reap the fruits of your labour, you need to engage in a natural link building campaign as soon as possible. If you seriously want to leapfrog your competition to the top spot on Google, you must develop a natural linking strategy that will create an opportunity for your site’s content to acquire links quickly and naturally. As these links age, the authority will become stronger and your website’s SEO performance should accelerate your rankings onto the first page.

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