Guest Post



Do you need to get links to your website to help you rank well on Google?

Invest in guest blog posts that can help you get authority to your website and rank your website on Google.

You want to get links that Google will find, index, and count so that it will have a positive impact on your site’s SEO campaign.

We will focus on acquiring relevant links from sites that have a good chance to positively impact your site’s SEO rankings, and ideally referral web traffic.

We will also aim to acquire links from site’s that can help pass on the PageRank authority that Google will use to help boost the SEO performance of your site.

Don’t waste money on link providers that will only get you links from a link farm.

Get links that work!

How many links will your site need to improve the SEO results?

This varies, but anywhere from 20-100 links can be enough to positively impact your site’s SEO rankings so that it goes to page 1 on Google, and even rank in the top keyword spots for Google.

Should you drip-feed your links to your site?

Yes. Google looks at link velocity. We can identify a strategy to acquire the links and implement the link acquisition quickly at the start of the campaign and then drip-feed the links over the following months.

Do we use DA as a way to measure authority?

Unlike many other SEO providers, we don’t rely heavily on DA. We look at relevancy factors that Google’s algorithm would use, such as:

  • The amount of referring domains
  • Content relevancy
  • Traffic relevancy
  • Site type