Tips on using keyword research as a part of your online marketing strategy

Keyword research

How do you use keyword research and find keywords that will generate qualified leads, sales, revenue and profits for your business?

Your goal is to find money generating keywords. Below are tips that you can use to approach your keyword research marketing strategy.

  1. Know who your customers are.
    The first thing you need to do is to define who your customers are. Are your customers going to be people signing up to a website or web form? Will they be submitting an enquiry? Will they be a visitor to the site? Or will they be making an e-commerce transaction.You will also need to know what type of customer you want. For example, if you are a dentist, you will want to have someone who has a problem with their teeth. This could be a toothache, or they want teeth whitening.

    Also remember, that when people are on the internet, they are seeking information. Your keywords should reflect the type of information that they are looking for.

  2. Define what a lead should be.
    You must define what is a lead is according to your business goals. Do you want to make a sale? Do you want enquiries? Do you want site engagement? Define what your lead should be and what value it has to your business.
  3. Define what action you want your lead to take
    Ensure that you define the exact actions you want your leads to take? Should they buy on the site? Should they make a telephone enquiry? Submit an email enquiry form? Be specific!
  4. Think about what keywords they would use
    You need to get inside the mind of the customer and think about what keywords or phrases they would be using to find out the information that they are seeking. Justify your research with any keyword referral data that you have access to. This includes using Google analytics and also Google’s Keyword Planer.
  5. How much will a customer from this keyword be worth for your business long term?
    This is crucial to your business. If you know how much your lead is worth to your business at the first sale and for the lifetime of the customer, you can then value the attribution to the keyword lead generation campaign and forecast the costs and budgets that you should attribute to your campaign. The pricing model that is attributed should generate a profit for the portfolio campaign that you are running.
  1. How much demand is there for this keyword
    You will need to research to see how much demand there is for the keyword. You may find that your keyword niche may have thousands of searches per month. In other cases, it may only be a few. Ultimately, the lead generation keyword should be tightly relevant to the information being provided by your business.You can use the keyword planner by Google to research the keywords.
  2. How competitive is this keyword
    You can use the keyword planner to see how competitive this keyword is to get visibility for. The higher the competitiveness, the more challenging it will be for you to get the visibility for the keyword. It is important that you consider this as a part of your tactical strategy.
  3. How can I use these keywords to generate more leads and sales for my business?
    If you are visible for these keywords in the search results, your advertisement or business listing can appear in front of your target customer. Because they are looking for information related to the keyword that they have typed in for search, they will be a warmer lead should be in a ‘buying mode’; which should allow you a greater opportunity to gain the sale.

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