Snapchat marketing

Snapchat is the latest craze amongst millenials and marketers are still trying to figure out how to use the platform to attract people as new customers and advocates. There are people that are building up huge audience numbers. In many industries, the use of Snapchat in their digital marketing efforts is underutilised.

One of the great attributes with Snapchat is that their audience is extremely engaged. It allows one person to broadcast to an audience of tens, hundreds or even thousands of people like a one on one conversation.

It is a great channel to use if you want to engage in a direct response marketing campaign, which will enhance your business’s credibility and customer loyalty.

Investing in a Snapchat marketing campaign will allow your business to build an engaged audience of people that can become customers and advocates for your brand. If your makes use of a marketing focus group, building an engaged Snapchat audience is perfect as it will be cheaper and quicker to get quantitative and qualitative data from the audience, which can then be used in your business’s marketing campaigns.

What kind of audience growth can I get on Snapchat?

It really depends on how aggressive you want invest in the channel. It isn’t uncommon for people or businesses to build up an audience of 100-1000 followers.

What kind of content will I need to publish in a Snapchat campaign?

It is really up to you. Snapchat seems to thrive off a personal connection. So building the personal connection by having a direct dialogue with the audience or even demonstrating ‘added value’ by showing things like ‘behind the scenes’ or hosting ‘Q&A sessions’.

What types of promotions can I do on Snapchat?

We’d advise that you start with an audience-building campaign on Snapchat. This involves building a content marketing campaign that will attract and retain viewers on your Snapchat channel.

Secondly, you can leverage joint partnerships with other Snapchatters that have a similar audience. We can help your organisation find and capitalise on the opportunities that’s available.

Thirdly, your organisation can advertise with Snapchat, although the advertising platform hasn’t been rolled out globally and it isn’t available to all businesses yet. Should your business qualify, it will be able to take advantage of Sponsored Filters, Snap Ads and even Sponsored Lenses.

How much should we budget for a Snapchat marketing campaign?

You will need to have a minimum budget of $3000 per month to develop and implement a Snapchat marketing campaign. Unlike other paid advertising methods, you will be able to scale the audience size and those people can then become highly qualified leads and customers.

For example, if your Snapchat audience grows to 6000 people, your business will retain an audience at $0.50 per person. It is much cheaper than advertising on radio, paid search and television where a business can easily spend $100-1000 to retain one person’s attention.

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