Should I use images or text in my advertising?

To use or use pictures, text or both in my advertising?
There is a long standing debate about whether you should use images or text in your advertising to generate a better conversion of traffic leads. Furthermore, should videos or moving images such as gifs be used to enhance your advertising?

The only way to be sure is to do some testing on those advertisements to find out which ones perform better.

We tend to see a trend where text only ads generate the strongest conversion. We also see that text ads with an image also generate strong conversions, whilst the image only ads tend to offer the lowest performance.

When you are developing your advertising creative, you need to consider the motives and needs for your target market.

It is good to follow the Aida formula and incorporate it with the use of headlines and images to improve the lead generation performance of your ads.

This is by focusing on:
• Capturing their attention
• Gaining interest
• Creating desire
• Motivating action
Have you tried testing images or text only in your advertising? Share your experience.

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