Link Penalty Removal Service

Is a link penalty from Google preventing your website from ranking on the first page of Google?

If you have received a penalty for your website which isn’t making you appear for your targeted keywords, you will need to demonstrate to Google that you will remove the link spam actions that Google has identified with your website.

You will need to ensure that your website is free of any link violations in order for the website to become visible for the keywords again, and to have the penalty completely lifted by Google.

Our team of highly trained experts will:

  • Conduct link audits to find the troubling links that are causing your website to receive the penalty. Our team will find up to 100,000 links that may be associated with your website’s penalty.
  • Out team will review up to 5000 domains that is within the link violations.
  • We will also document the ‘considerable effort’ actions for the link reconsideration request and develop and pitch the for the reconsideration request to successfully lift the penalty. Furthermore, we will create and publish the ‘Disavow file’ for the links that we want Google to ignore for those links that we aren’t able to remove.

Contact one of our consultants for a discussion on how we can help you get back your ranking and lift your penalty.