SEO Brand Building Strategy & Roadmap


Getting traffic from SEO is one part of the marketing mix. You’ll often hear the terms Paid, Owned, and Earned, which refers to the types of web traffic that people can get by either paying for traffic, owning their own traffic source, or earning traffic from a referral source.

If you want unlimited traffic for free that’s qualified and ready to buy from you, you want to earn SEO traffic.

But you want to take it a step further and earn their loyalty, so that you own that traffic through their commitment.

This requires businesses to develop a brand strategy to earn customers loyalty and have them become advocates for your business’s brand.

To achieve this, you need an SEO brand strategy that will help you:

  • Identify your core target customers.
  • Identify new and emerging markets.
  • Identify customer journey opportunities.
  • Identify keywords to develop brand awareness.
  • Identify content that will improve the brand’s trustworthiness and confidence.
  • Enhance the brand’s story and image
  • Improve the perceived value of the brand, which will allow for better quality sales and higher price conversions.

You will receive an action plan strategy and roadmap to enhance your brand over the next 12 months.