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If you want to maximize the chance of people engaging and converting on your website, then you need to make sure that the web pages that they land on load quickly so they can quickly access the information that they are searching for.

If you have noticed sales slowing down or people abandoning your site, then it is very likely that the loading speed of your site’s web pages are having an impact.

You need to make sure that your site’s loading times appear instantly on the devices that your consumers are using.

Why should you invest in page speed optimization?

Page speed optimization can be a quick win for improving your site’s web traffic, engagement, and conversions.

Once the changes are implemented, you should be able to quickly see the traffic and commercial impact on a website.

Are your customers using desktop computers, mobile, or tablets?

Is your site’s content optimized to load quickly on those different devices?

We will work with you or your team to improve the page loading time so that it will improve your site’s SEO and conversion performance in your market.

What will you receive from our page speed optimization process?

  • We will conduct a speed check diagnostic to identify the loading sequence, items, and timing of the web page.
  • We will run the web page’s score through Google Page Speed Insights.
  • We will conduct a speed check of the server and provide recommended actions.
  • We will review the web page’s HTML and we will provide recommended actions.
  • We will provide recommendations and guidelines for ongoing maintenance.

What improvements can you expect from page speed optimization?

You should quickly notice how fast the web pages load, and how quick it is to transition from one page to another.

Once the web pages are submitted to Google, they should be crawled and indexed quicker, which should help the site improve its SEO rankings.

If your site is already doing more than $10,000 a month in revenue through the website, you should notice a positive increase in conversions, which could add 10% or more in sales income over the next 12 months.

Who is this good for?

Web developers

Web developers will be working on the site on a day-to-day basis and will make changes that will affect the site’s speed and business performance. By having a page speed optimization guide that they can use, you can ensure that any work conducted by the web development team will always positively contribute to the site’s commercial performance.

Content editors and publishers

If you do have content editors and publishers on your website, it is important that they follow guidelines that will maximize the web page’s loading time. From the use of images to videos, text fonts to embeds and more.

Don’t let great content go unseen.

Web designers

Web designers will work on the UX and design concepts for the site. However, all of these should fit inside the framework for web pages to have a quick loading time.


Decisions made by the business leaders in an organization will set the tone and direction for commercial success. In order for stakeholders to make the best decisions, they must be well informed so they can make the best strategic decision for the business.

Clients that have implemented our suggestions.

Pure House Cleaning.

Pure House Cleaning implemented our recommendations and took their page loading time down to less than 1 second on their WordPress site.

This has helped to secure conversions from SEO, PPC, and referral business.


Page Speed Performance score:

You can play the video below which shows the time for the home page to load.


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