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If you plan to make money from SEO with your e-commerce website, then you need to make sure that your e-commerce product pages are properly optimized so that the products that you are selling get traffic leads and sales.


This product is for e-commerce businesses that plan to generate revenues in excess of $10,000USD per month.

If you hire an SEO expert to optimize your web pages, you will need to budget at least $2000USD to start getting your e-commerce web pages properly optimized.

The toolkit will allow your business to implement DIY SEO changes in the exact way that you want and need to achieve your business’s goals.

Save $10,000-$50,000 in SEO service fees with this DIY toolkit. 

Only $1000 as a one-off payment.

Who should buy this toolkit?

Web development teams

Web development teams need to be aware of the SEO processes required during any web development builds or maintenance on e-commerce websites.

IT teams are great for managing IT related tasks, but are often unaware of how impactful their developments are to the business; especially when it comes to the SEO marketing channel.

It is essential for e-commerce businesses to have SEO processes in place for IT personnel that make developments to e-commerce product pages.

The toolkit will provide web developers with the considerations, risks, and benefits that they need to be aware of prior to planning and making changes on the website.

Web designers

Web designers need to create a visually appealing site. The site also needs to be designed in a way so that it is easy for users to navigate, find, and take the actions that they desire on the website.

The user experience is incredibly important. However, the website design needs to be developed within an SEO framework if you plan to generate traffic and sales from your e-commerce web pages.

The toolkit will provide web designers with the SEO guidelines that they need to work within so that their designs will also complement the SEO strategy.


Stakeholders decisions influence the outcome of the business’s goals. And it is crucial that stakeholders are aware of and know what’s required to attract traffic and customers to the e-commerce web pages from SEO listings.

The toolkit will provide business leaders, directors, managers, and strategists with the insights to make clear and concise decisions relating to a site’s e-commerce web pages, and the commercial impact any changes can have if changes are made to them.

What will you receive in the toolkit?

In this toolkit, you will receive the following.

  • HTML guidelines for e-commerce
  • CTA recommendations for e-commerce product pages
  • Image optimization suggestions
  • Internal linking recommendations
  • Content creation recommendations
  • Structured data recommendations
  • File sizing and rendering
  • UX considerations

Who has used our toolkit?

Scooter Hut

Scooter Hut have implemented several of the recommendations in our toolkit, which has allowed their site to gain more SEO web traffic and sales from organic search.

In the case of Scooter Hut, organizing their web developers and designers to compress large image sizes allowed the e-commerce pages to improve their page loading time, which increased the web page’s traffic and monthly sales revenue by 5%.


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