Pay Per Click (Paid Search)

Increase your paid search traffic, leads, conversions and revenue.

Ever since paid search was launched as a service on Google back in 2003, it has provided businesses with the opportunity to get in front of potential customers that are looking to ‘act’ as a lead or proceed with a purchase. For over a decade, several businesses have earned millions or even billions of dollars in revenue, simply by running an optimised PPC campaign that drives qualified leads and conversions.

Your business has this opportunity as well. With the right team optimising your paid search marketing campaign for conversions, your business can acquire cheaper leads and sales for your business.

Adwords is the paid search platform that provides the largest amount of market exposure. The platform (which is owned by Google) is among the top search providers across the world’s global markets. There’s also the opportunity to implement paid search marketing campaigns on other platforms as well, such as Yahoo, Bing, Baidu (China) and Yandex (Russia).

What opportunities exist with PPC advertising?

There are a few unique opportunities that your business can take advantage of when implementing a paid search marketing campaign.

  1. The business can get exposure immediately by bidding on a keyword and having their ad display to prospective customers are looking to find products and services.
  2. Businesses can get immediate exposure by using Google’s Display Network (GDN) to feature on relevant websites based on keyword targeting in the campaign.
  3. Retargeting (or remarketing) to people that have visited the business’s website in order to get those visitors to take action in the future.

Should you implement a PPC marketing funnel?

If you don’t have any PPC funnel strategy, it is important that you get one setup and implemented so your business can see exactly what impact your paid search marketing activities are having on the business.

Your business will have a complete sales funnel, from brand awareness to lead generation to direct response sales and advocacy. Your business needs to have a PPC funnel strategy that synergizes with your customer’s decision-making journey and your business’s sales pipeline.

What do you need to get your PPC campaign up and running?

You need to know what your business’s objectives are and set aside the marketing budget that you need to achieve those goals. You can then work with our team to research the audience size, interests and search demands and we can then work closely with your business team to implement a paid search marketing solution for your business.

If your business has run any paid search marketing campaigns in the past, it would be ideal to share the PPC data that can be used to build your new campaign.

How much should you budget for a paid search marketing campaign?

Most PPC managers will say that you need to have a minimum budget of $30 a day, depending on the niche that your business operates in. However, it is likely that your business will need to spend at least $100 a day to generate ongoing leads. Although it might sound high to some, the business model that your business implements should allow the business to profit from this activity. The more budget that your business can spend, the more aggressive the marketing can be to find the right formula that will allow your paid search marketing efforts to shower your business with endless leads and sales.

What is our approach to paid search marketing?

We focus on delivering direct response and highly-qualified leads. We’re able to do this because we focus on building a highly qualified prospect audience, optimise the lead-generation funnel and conversion process based on the data that we receive from web user’s behaviour, interaction and response to the PPC campaigns that we run.

In order to generate the data, we work with businesses that need a high-volume of pipeline leads and sales.

What are our paid search marketing fees?

Our monthly management fees start from $2000 per month and typically average 10% of the client’s monthly budget. We only take paid search clients that can afford a monthly spend of $20,000 or more per month.

Our fees include:

  • Providing a dedicated PPC manager
  • Access to the campaign dashboard
  • Strategy & tactical development and implementation
  • Ad copy development and implementation
  • Reporting and analysis
  • PPC marketing funnel development
  • A/B split testing
  • PPC consultancy

Our sole goal is to develop a PPC marketing campaign that will allow your business to acquire highly-qualified, profitable leads and sales.

Should you focus on local or global PPC campaigns?

This really depends on your market and your audience. We will help you identify the best audiences to target. We adopt a niche-specific campaign which could incorporate campaigns in local areas or focusing on local keyword searches. The account manager will work closely with your business to find and implement the right strategy for your business.

Get in touch with a PPC consultant to discuss your campaign requirements today!

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