Page Speed Optimisation

Web users want speed. They want to access relevant information quickly. As a website owner, you need to make sure that you serve content to your web users as quickly as possible so they don’t navigate elsewhere.

Search engines such as Google have stressed the importance of improving the web page loading time to provide a positive experience for web users. The web pages on your site should be loading in less than 2 seconds, however it is common for web pages to take a lot longer to load.

If you want to maximise the web page loading time, you need to aim to have your website load in less than 1 second.

How can you improve the loading time of your site’s web pages?

Firstly, you will need to conduct an audit of the web pages on your website to see which areas can be improved. Areas that might affect the loading time of your site include:

  • The theme of the website.
  • The objects within the page.
  • The type of code that is used.
  • The use of Scripts to load the web page.

Our team will audit the loading sequence of the web page and can work with your team to make improvements that will improve the loading time of the website.

Secondly, our team will test the website to make sure that the loading time improves in line with Google’s PageSpeed Tests and our own internal testing processes.

If you would like to learn more, get in touch with us today.