Our Sustainability Vision

Sustainability is something that we deeply believe in at Business Growth Digital Marketing. It’s our responsibility as a business to improve the quality of life for our employees and clients, as well as implement processes and procedures that will minimise the impact on the environment.

As the founder and leader of Business Growth Digital Marketing, I want to share our vision for achieving sustainability goals with our agency.

Our sustainability goals are aligned with the 17 Sustainability Goals by the United Nations.

Gender equality

We believe that people regardless of their gender or orientation should receive equal opportunities that will allow them to achieve their goals and ambitions in their careers, as well as in their personal lives. We will never discriminate based on gender or orientation. We have an accepting and empowering culture for any individual. We believe that all people are amazing. We will support and empower their amazing efforts.

Responsible production and consumption

Business Growth Digital Marketing has a culture of minimalism. Through this culture, we focus on producing and consuming in a way that minimises the impact on the environment. We are conscious of this with our workspaces, the technology that we use, our suppliers and our partners.

Decent work and economic growth

We are blessed to be able to create work opportunities, which stimulates economic growth both in our home country of Australia and abroad. We work with several people, suppliers and clients from across the globe. The work opportunities allow us to share the economic wealth that we earn with others that are a part of our organisation. It also allows us to create the dream working opportunities for people that are a part of our organisation.

Affordable and clean energy

We are very conscious of the impact that our organisation’s energy consumption has on the environment. Being an online organisation, we’re always in a position where we need to consume energy.

Over the long-term, we do want to implement a system that will allow the people in our organisation to use clean energy sources to power their equipment. For now, we invest in technology that minimises the amount of energy consumed from the energy grid, which is usually powered by fossil fuels.

The main area where we do aim to make improvements is with natural lighting. We work in environments that are designed to maximise the amount of natural light coming into a space, thus reducing the organisation’s reliance on artificial lighting.

Good health and wellbeing

We believe that a healthy body, mind and lifestyle is the key to achieving a good quality of life. We encourage everyone in our organisation to participate in healthy activities that compliments their lifestyle. Whether this involves maintaining a healthy diet, going to the gym, participating in sports or even participating in outdoor wellness activities, we will support them.

Quality education

Through the power of the internet, we will do our best to improve the quality of education to “bridge the knowledge gap” between people. We want every individual that works with us to be empowered with the knowledge and expertise for them to achieve their career and personal goals and ambitions.

We will do our best to provide access to online courses, books, web resources and training that will allow them to become experts in their field.

Everybody has an equal right to education.

No poverty

We realise that every person is born into a different position of wealth and poverty in their environment. It was only 3 generations prior that my family in Jamaica came from poverty and a lack of opportunity. The power of the internet has created opportunities to overcome poverty with income and wealth opportunities.

We will give people the opportunity to overcome poverty by doing our best to create growth opportunities through our entrepreneurship on the internet.

Industry innovation and infrastructure

Our core commitment is to innovation and infrastructure that will allow our organisation to develop something that is iconic and of impeccable value. While most organisations focus on chasing profits and short-term monetary gains, we believe in providing value that will motivate people to come back to us time and time again.

It also allows the people in our organisation to create something great. They will leave an imprint in our organisation and all being well, in the industry.

Peace and justice

Although it sounds like it only applies to governments, it is really important in an organisation. Too often, organisation’s find themselves embroiled in a culture of hostility due to cultural clashes, whether that is based on personal objectives, communication or other factors.

We encourage a pleasant working environment and we continue to implement a structure that will allow people to work peacefully.

Everybody is held accountable for their actions in our organisation. Positivity is encouraged. Negativity is frowned upon.

All too often, it is easy to shift blame for personal gain. We encourage a culture that will allow everybody in the organisation to be rewarded over the long-term. We make sure we understand the challenges and work with people, who are the assets in our organisation; to find and implement solutions that will allow them to become better in their roles.

Every person at every level in our organisation is accountable for their role.

We encourage a culture of peace within and external to our organisation. We will always support people and causes within our organisation to overcome any injustices that are being faced. We believe and will support positive change.