How to make your content interesting to increase web engagement

If you feel like the web content that you are publishing is too boring, your website’s bounce rate is too high or isn’t engaging enough for your visitors, then we have written this post for you.

What we want you to achieve is to tell your story better so that you can get better engagement or conversions for the goal that you are trying to achieve.

So firstly, I want you to define your goal into one of these categories.

  1. Web traffic (Discovery)
  2. Web content engagement (Reading, watching, viewing, listening)
  3. Action (Making a call, submitting an enquiry, selling)
  4. Advocacy (sharing, referring, bookmarking)

To achieve these goals, you need to structure your content as a journey for them to achieve your goal.

So to achieve this, you need to focus on the audience. Based on their interests, motives and desires of the audience, you will be able to tailor the content to keep them engaged.

So here are a few tips to help you with keeping your content interesting to facilitate web engagement.

Use captivating images

People like to look at interesting pictures. Find images that are captivating and use them to your advantage.

Use captivating headlines that talk to your audience

Your audience wants to relate to the content that you are presenting them. Provide them with headlines that will capture their attention and that speak to their hearts and minds.

Keep it straight to the point

Don’t waffle on and let them get bored. Be straight to the point and give them the gold nuggets of what you want them to get out of your content.

Tell a story

Everybody loves a story. Keep them entertained with the story or tale that you are telling.

Use real references

Don’t just let them take your word for it. Get references and citations from other sources to give your content more credibility.

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