Facebook advertising

Facebook is the world’s largest social network and provides a huge opportunity for businesses that want to reach their target customer audience. The platform has levelled the advertising playing field and those businesses that choose to advertise on Facebook now will benefit by growing a qualified audience, that will allow their business to acquire qualified leads, sales and advocates for their products and services.

When Facebook advertising is done well, leads and sales can be generated for a couple of dollars, or in some cases, even a few cents. Additionally, businesses can ramp up their online exposure and brand presence in their industry.

Facebook advertising is still in its early stages, but like Google Adwords, it will catch on and advertisers that decide to invest in Facebook ads at a later stage will pay significantly higher fees to advertise on the platform.

Why should I consider investing in Facebook advertising?

Facebook is one of the best ways to scale your business’s awareness and to generate customer growth in a short period of time. Instead of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for advertising on Google Adwords, radio advertising slots or television ads, you can use the data that Facebook has on their users to accurately target people that want to purchase and engage with what you offer.

It is a great way to minimise waste on marketing efforts, while growing your business over the short-term.

Why should I build an audience on Facebook?

The cost to acquire a customer is typically quite expensive, regardless of the platform that you invest in. The key is to build an audience that you can tap into, so that you can promote to them cheaply and even gain referral customers for free.

We like to abide by the rule of 10,000. We aim to build a qualified audience of 10,000 who are likely to become prospects, leads and ultimately proceed with sales.

By having an audience, your business controls the dialogue and relationship. Over the long-term, this can save thousands or even millions of dollars in wasted advertising spend.

Audience-driven marketing is the smarter way to reach your prospective customers. It is essential to invest in a Facebook marketing strategy that will allow your business to execute this successfully.

How can Facebook work for my business?

Facebook works brilliantly for businesses if you construct a marketing funnel for the platform. Typically, the funnel will involve triggering awareness through content marketing campaigns, building your audience on the platform through your business’s Facebook page or Facebook remarketing pixel.

As your Facebook audience is built, the audience follows the consumer journey via your business’s sales funnel strategy in order to nurture those prospects into qualified leads.

It is important to implement a marketing funnel that will enhance the trust and credibility of your business so that your target audience will be ready to purchase your products or services, once your business starts to pitch the direct response advertising campaigns on Facebook.

What kind of success can I have with Facebook advertising?

Once the Facebook marketing funnel begins to convert, the business will be able to increase leads and sales by scaling the growth of the audience reach and the Facebook advertising spend. It isn’t uncommon for businesses to yield a 400% ROI once their Facebook advertising model working.

For example, one of our client’s Clean N Fresh, who specialise in carpet cleaning in Long Island in New York continually generates lead enquiries via Facebook, which gets the business residential and commercial sales. The sales value can range from $100-$600 on the residential side, whereas the commercial side can be worth more than $10,000. By spending as little as $10/day, the business is able to generate consistent leads every week.

Olivia Rose also has success with their Facebook advertising campaign. They sell at least 1 ebook per day as a result of having a Facebook marketing funnel that converts.

You can see an example of an audience-driven advertising campaign that we ran on Facebook for Olivia Rose.

What budget should I set for a Facebook marketing campaign?

We usually recommend having a minimum spend of $15 per day. This will allow our Facebook account managers to tweak and test campaigns so that your campaign will be completely optimised for lead and sale conversions.

Our account management fees start from $2,000 per month, with clients needing to add their advertising budget on top. Clients can then have a Facebook marketing solution that is completely managed by our team, who will be working tirelessly to get your business the best lead and sale conversions for your campaign.

Typically, results from the campaign start to show over the first three months. As the results start to come in, businesses can invest more in their Facebook marketing activities to generate more qualified leads and sales.

If you would like to learn more about how Facebook marketing can work for your business, get in touch with us to arrange a chat about your Facebook marketing campaign.