1133% increase in opt-ins by using Sumo (Case Study)

1333% Increase in subscribers by installing SumoMe.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

If you guys are like me, you are obsessed with increasing the conversions on your website. We all want traffic, but what is more important is getting qualified prospects to convert on our site so we can build up our marketing database. There are several plugins, tools and software that can help you improve the amount of email subscribers that you will get on your site. However, I’d like to cover SumoMe and explain how it can help your site get more subscribers and enquiries. Before I had used SumoMe, I had only ever gained 3 subscribers. After installing SumoMe, I had increased it to 37 and the number continues to climb. Below, you will see the benefits of how I used SumoMe to increase my website’s conversions.

Click here to trial SumoMe for free!

You can also trial Opt-in Monster, which offers a similar service.

You can trial SumoMe on a free basis.

I initially trialled SumoMe with the free version. I had originally used HelloBar and I had a newsletter sign-up form in the right widget column. Since it has been used on the site (which is 234 days) it has generated 27 sign-ups with a conversion rate of 0.5%.

HelloBar statistics
HelloBar statistics

 Installing the SumoMe App.

I wanted things to improve, so I installed SumoMe and configured the plugin so I could increase the amount of subscribers to my website.

SumoMe Apps
SumoMe Apps

Using SumoMe’s ListBuilder.

After learning about SumoMe, I decided to give it a try and I setup List Builder, which is the pop-up box. The message on the pop-up box prompted people to join the newsletter. That same week, I gained 3 new email subscribers.

List builder opt-in statistics
List builder opt-in statistics

Click here to trial SumoMe for free!

This was a positive sign, so I decided to investigate SumoMe more. In the meantime, I was focusing on developing more compelling content (although in hindsight, I’d improve the conversion rate of the site before creating more content). I decided to explore the other features on offer such as the scrolling box.

I’d hoped that the scrolling box would have yielded similar results. Below is a table with the performance metrics over the past 6 months.

Scroll box opt-in statistics
Scroll box opt-in statistics

Even though the results from the scrolling box weren’t great, it was still encouraging to see that people were happy to subscribe to the newsletter. The results were still promising, considering I was only asking people to subscribe to my newsletter. After conducting more research, I decided to create a lead magnet for SumoMe to try to improve conversions.

I decided to create a lead magnet for SumoMe to try to improve conversions.


Subscriptions went up another level. Things were really starting to get interesting. So now that those were in place, I sought to trial a welcome mat (which everyone had been raving on about, but I was originally too concerned that too many popups would deter people from the website.

SumoMe’s Welcome Mat

How wrong was I.

You can see that the welcome mat immediately started to get subscribers for the website. You can see more in the table below.

Welcome mat opt-in statistics
Welcome mat opt-in statistics
Welcome mat opt-in graph
Welcome mat opt-in graph

To date, the welcome mat is the biggest subscription generator. In the back of my mind, I was also thinking about how many subscribers I had lost by not implementing this earlier. Better late than never.

Click here to trial SumoMe for free!


I was fortunate to be granted access to this by the SumoMe team as their developers had informed me that they had put the module back into beta testing. Leads is a button that you can insert within your content to trigger a pop-up box. I trialled it on one post and within the first week I received a 100% opt-in rate from a web visitor that clicked on it.

SumoMe Leads Statistics
SumoMe Leads Statistics

Since the initial success, I have implemented the buttons on other relevant posts and I plan to incorporate the buttons on all of my website’s posts.

The paid version is relatively inexpensive.

Once more people start subscribing to your website, you should consider upgrading to the paid version. I currently pay $40USD per month for the SumoMe pro package which provides premium access to List Builder, Welcome Mat, Scroll Box and the Smart Bar. This will unlock more themes, tracking analytics and data fields in your pop-up forms.

I can definitely say that since incorporating SumoMe into the website, have noticed an increase in conversions. For a free WordPress plugin, it is pretty powerful as well. If you are having trouble converting website visitors into subscribers, then consider installing SumoMe today.


This post contains affiliate links. However, I believe that SumoMe has been a great addition to my site’s conversion performance and I’d happily recommend the service without any affiliate arrangement. There are other tools like Opt-in Monster and LeadPages which are also great, however I have seen a dramatic improvement with SumoMe. 

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  1. This must be free i dont see pricing anywhere just a statement that alludes to pricing is fair,I have created my own software that includes all that you offer here and much more only i do all the work including making the banner page,database,software to handle the database and software to convert the database to excel and this includes the signup page,it looks like those who join have to create their own page,so what is the pricing and why not post it unless of course this is a way to get us sheep to contact you

    1. Hi Ed. Thank you for your comment.
      SumoMe works on a freemium model. I actually started using SumoMe with the free subscription.
      I later upgraded to their $40/month pro package which provides more customisations and code tracking.
      I did forget to mention it in the post. I apologise and I will make the amend.

      It would be great to learn more about your software. I’m always testing out new things. Please share the link to your software and perhaps I can test it out on one of my sites.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

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