10 Tips for medical clinics to build their brand awareness and get SEO benefits at the same time.

If you are a running or work with a medical clinic, and you are looking to build the awareness and inbound leads for your business, we have provided some simple yet effective ways for you to improve the awareness of your business and to benefit by getting new customers, repeat customers and SEO benefits from Google.

Ask your clients to share clinic/practice website links with their friends.

Referrals generally tend to bring in better quality leads, and it establishes trust with new prospective leads. When people are sharing these links online, especially on their personal or professional websites, Google and other search engines will generally see this as a stronger sign of trust for your website. Your website can be rewarded by receiving better ranking visibility for keywords on the search engines.

Share what you do with forums where people are discussing their medical issues

You are an expert in what you practice. A quick search online for people who are experiencing medical symptoms or pains can generate a list of online forums and discussion websites where people are searching for expert advice on a topic. You can contribute your expertise to these online discussions and share links to your medical practice/clinic, or even better, to a publication of yours on the topic on your website. Long term, you should get more website traffic, better quality leads coming to your website and your site should experience some direct and indirect SEO benefits over time.

Share an opinion on an engaged blog where people are talking about your topic.

You can do an online search for popular blogs in your niche and you can contribute to the blog commentary discussion. For example, someone may have written a post on Symptoms to look out for when you have a toothache. As a dentist, you may add that in your experience, you tend to see people not brush their teeth at regular intervals and thus exposes them to risk with getting a cavity. By adding your expert say, you will gain credibility and potentially a following. You may be able to leave a link back to your website, however it should be relevant to the post discussion, otherwise you will be spamming the site and you may get yourself blocked from the website. In this case, it would be better to use a reference link from a publication on your site.

Provide a guest post entry to a blog.

You can get good exposure by providing a guest entry onto a popular blog in your niche. You can offer your expert knowledge on a topic. Some ideas for writing a post for the audience include a point of view discussion, top tips, guides and reviews.

You can reach out to relevant blog publications and see if they accept guest blog posts from guest authors. You can then pitch your post and benefits of what you will be posting on their site and to their audience. You will want to get your business and website mentioned in your post or on the site if you can.

Ask a journalist to write about your clinic.

You can approach a journalist to cover a topic that includes your business clinic. Journalists are often starving for content ideas and they also have deadlines to meet. If you can offer suggestions, or provide strong content topic ideas for them to cover, this will increase your chances of gaining exposure for your business in both online and offline publications.

Make sure to get your business website cited in the publication.

Sponsor a charity or a local community team or event.

You can endorse a local charity, community, event, cause or celebrity to enhance the perception of your business profile both on and offline. Off the back of this, you can also valued promotion which may lead to positive SEO opportunities on your website.

Share a regular newsletter with your community.

Send a regular newsletter to your clients and prospective clients to remain at the front of their mind. You want to create the opportunity to get more referrals. Online, people will refer you via links to your website, which can positively impact your SEO efforts.

Share interesting news and content via a blog.

If you don’t have a blog setup on your site, get one setup as soon as possible. A good blog can generate inbound traffic and warm leads, and can also help with closing sales. The simpler and more niche the topic, the better. Make it specific for a certain audience. You may get 1-3 visitors a month to that niche post, but multiply it by 100, and then you have 100-300 visitors per month to your blog. All quality organic traffic who will either become your customers or they will refer and advocate the brand of your business.

Submit a press release to local, regional and national trade and news journals.

Create a press release on an announcement or news that you can share with relevant media publications. These publications are keen for newsworthy content and will publish your story if they feel it is relevant. Make sure to include your business website link to gain any SEO benefits.

Develop and share information videos on Youtube.

Publishing videos on Youtube will provide an opportunity for people to find and buy into you. You can showcase your products and services, and educate people on your business offering. Youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world. By having the video online, it will create the opportunity for people to find you 24 hours of the day and generate more warm leads for your business. It also allows people to make online referrals of your video and website, which will help to boost the natural links for your business and reap positive SEO benefits.

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